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SRVIVRS nonprofit loss of loved one


We invite anyone, anywhere, to join us in our motto of "See Good. Do Good. Share Good".

SRVIVRS nonprofit founders

Our Mission

SRVIVRS is a worldwide community, united by our common belief that service is the action word of love, the universal healing balm, and the tapestry of strong communities as we focus on service events and opportunities in honor of our loved ones.

We adopt the motto:

See Good • Do Good • Share Good

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Our Story

In February of 2017, Josh Nehring had this vision of a worldwide non-profit focused on service. He and his brother-in-law, Josh Nielson, discussed this big dream in the pool at their family reunion that summer. On the way home from that reunion, a tragic car accident took the life of Josh and Stacy Nehring’s daughter, Lilli. Because they knew that serving others created a healing balm, they created the Live Like Lilli Foundation, which focused on service. Though their impact was huge locally, it wasn’t as big as they knew God wanted it to be. They prayed for those that could help them create something bigger.

Through connections with family and friends that had lost loved ones, as well as those in a worldwide Facebook group offering support during the Covid-19 pandemic, hearts were drawn together. Service projects were carried out in honor of their loved ones and the vision of a worldwide community who serves others while surviving loss became a reality.



The Nehring Family

Josh and Stacy Nehring lost their oldest daughter, Lilli, in a heart-rending car accident. They started the Live Like Lilli Foundation to carry on her legacy of kindness.

Nielson family, SRVIVRS nonprofit, service opportunities

The Nielson Family

Josh and Shannan Nielson lost their precious daughter, Layla, in a drowning accident. They "Love Like Layla" on a daily basis and survive through service.

Crapo family, SRVIVRS loss of a loved one, service opportunities

The Crapo Family

Austin and Elizabeth Crapo lost their daughter, Marah, due to a tragic case of missunderstanding. They are creating beauty from their darkest ashes as they serve others.

Jensen family, SRVIVRS nonprofit, service opportunities and fiscal sponsor

The Jensen Family

Shannon and Grayson experienced devastation and grief like never before when Shannon miscarried their son at 15 weeks. Serving others in their community helped them find peace.

Mikail Roberts family, SRVIVRS

Mikail Roberts

Mikail Roberts mourns with those who mourn and finds joy in service as she learns of and remembers others’ loved ones through their families’ service. She feels called to be a part of SRVIVRS.

About SRVIVRS, grief support nonprofit, service opportunities and fiscal sponsor
The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude.

– Thornton Wilder
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