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SRVIVRS nonprofit grief support


Mikail Roberts mourns with those who mourn and finds joy in service as she learns of and remembers others’ loved ones through their families’ service. She feels called to be a part of SRVIVRS.

My Story

My name is Mikail Roberts and I love being part of the SRVIVRS family. One of the great privileges of my life has been to be surrounded by loving people with servant hearts, whose loss has made them sweet and kind. I love getting to know their angels and getting to remember them in every hug for a friend, everytime I eat a blueberry, every butterfly I see, every baby who gets a kiss, every carefree laugh. They truly live on in the service these families give.


I live in Tucson, Arizona with my husband, Jared, and my 4 kids. We enjoy long beautiful winters and gorgeous sunsets. I'm legal counsel for SRVIVRS but really what I get to do is mourn with those who mourn and find joy in service. I have been involved in service organizations, big and small, my whole life and I feel called to SRVIVRS. 

Mikail Roberts family, SRVIVRS nonprofit
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