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SRVIVRS Black Pearl Project Capitol to Capitol Tour run with Joshua


Move in Memory of a loved one and be part of the Black Pearl Project Capitol to Capitol Tour!

Run in Memory of a Loved One

When you run with Joshua, please come in memory of a loved one you have lost. Running bibs with a spot to put your loved one's name will be available for you to wear; bib pins provided. Would you like Joshua to run for them as well? If so, please submit the Move in Memory form with your information.

Rules to Run With Joshua on the Route

The goal of this project is to engage with many people in honor of those who have passed from this life, however, in order for Joshua to stay on schedule, anyone running with him will need to follow strict rules:

Joshua Sets the Pace

  • Joshua plans to maintain a pace of around 11ish minutes per mile, but you need to be okay with walking at regular intervals along the route.

  • He will be regularly stopping and/or slowing down for designated support crew assistance, not for letting people catch up.

Joshua is in the Front

  • Runners may be half a step behind on the left or right (depending on shoulder conditions, traffic, slope of the road, etc.), but please do not try to lead unless there is a lot of wind and he has asked you to be a windbreaker.

  • If there is a large group and conditions are appropriate, we can run amoeba style, otherwise a linear flow is preferred.

  • When the shoulder of the road narrows, Joshua will continue running, and all other runners fall into single file behind.

Communication While Running

  • Joshua loves to talk, so be prepared for some conversation about those for whom you are Moving In Memory. He has tested the conversational grit of many during ultramarathons.

Crew Support

  • The crew is there to support Joshua. Please plan to be self supported when participating.

  • Runners must get themselves to and from the route. The crew cannot provide shuttle service to support runners' vehicles.

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