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The Black Pearl Project is an awareness campaign to help others transform their grief into a gift through service. It entails running to every U.S. Capitol building in the lower 48 states in approximately 1 year (17000+ miles); Moving In Memory of someone every day.

Why It's Called Black Pearl Project

Pearls are formed as the result of an irritant inside of an oyster. It is perceived as life threatening and caustic. The oyster responds by surrounding the irritant with layer upon layer of self preservation nacre leading to a unique treasure.


When death is thrust into life it often times has a negative, dark, black perception. Layer upon layer of service around the irritant of death can allow us to transform grief into a gift, even a personalized and individually unique black pearl.


Raising Awareness For

Black Pearl Project Capitol to Capitol Tour

Capitol to Capitol Tour

From June 2024 to June 2025, SRVIVRS Co-Founders, Joshua and Stacy Nehring, will travel with their children throughout the 48-contiguous United States, from Capital City to Capital City. Joshua will run 60+ miles a day, five days a week, totaling over 17,000 miles. Along the way, the Nehring’s will share their story of losing their daughter Lilli in a fatal car accident and how service activities and supporting others who are grieving has transformed their lives during their own journey with grief.

Want to know where Joshua is today? See where he is along the Capitol to Capitol tour by viewing his Street Ferret tracking page:

SRVIVRS Capitol to Capitol tour route

Get Involved

You can get involved with the Black Pearl Project by joining us at the following events:

Capitol Tour Visits & Fun Runs

Sign up to Move in Memory with Josh and run or bike with us through your community. We’ll visit each capitol as a meeting point and honor those who have passed by offering support and healing.

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Meet & Greets with Stacy

Stacy will share her story and serve as a keynote speaker with communities, groups and people looking for support and inspiration on how to serve in memory of a loved one.

Move in Memory for Someone!

Grab the walking sticks, lace up the running shoes, jump on the bike – whatever your mode – we want to get you moving! Join us as we Move in Memory for someone in your community that you want to honor.

You can stay up to date on tour sites and happenings by following @wersrvivrs on Instagram.

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