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Shannon and Grayson experienced devastation and grief like never before when Shannon miscarried their son at 15 weeks. Serving others in their community helped them find peace.

Our Story

Meet the Jensen family from Nashville, Tennessee. Grayson and Shannon met in Utah when Shannon was at the “advanced age” of 27—five years older than Grayson. He loves to tease her about the age difference every day. 


They quickly married and began planning for their future family. Unfortunately, getting pregnant didn’t come quickly for the Jensens. They experienced grief for more than a year as they struggled with infertility. Shannon found out she had endometriosis and ended up needing surgery to fix the issues in her body. After a miracle, they were thrilled to welcome their first daughter Lexi. Three years later, they had three kids, adding Presley and Tagg! Life was extremely crazy and fun for the Jensens.


After praying for their fourth baby for a couple years, they were thrilled to get pregnant again. But Shannon knew this pregnancy was different. Their lives changed in July 2017 when Shannon miscarried their 15-weeks-old son. They were completely devastated and never experienced grief to that level before. Shannon felt very attached to the baby and felt the greatest loss, struggling every year when the miscarriage or due date came around. It was like the baby died all over again. It was painful seeing children who would have been their son’s age.


Thankfully, Shannon and Grayson’s hearts bursted with joy when their “rainbow baby” Maverick joined their family in November 2018. Processing grief was a little easier when their arms could hold another baby.


The Jensens found great peace serving others in their community. Shannon loves helping with SRVIVRS marketing and advertising needs and getting to know other families who have gone through similar experiences. Going through hard trials—like infertility and losing a child—truly allows us to mourn with those who mourn. 

Jensen family, SRVIVRS nonprofit fiscal sponsor
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