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SRVIVRS nonprofit grief support


Austin and Elizabeth Crapo lost their daughter, Marah, due to a tragic case of misunderstanding. They are creating beauty from their darkest ashes as they serve others and bring hope.

Our Story

We are the Crapo family... Austin and I met and married in 2003 and now 6 kids, and plenty of goat kids later... we are busy and creating memories!

Tragically, on August 25, 2019, our sweet Marah, 20 beautiful months old, passed away. We heart wrenchingly and mistakenly assumed someone else had gotten Marah out of the van and put her down for her nap after church that Sunday. Since that day, our little family has been on a journey of learning how to navigate the intense waves of grief while feeling God's blessings. We have found the miracles, beauty, hope and joy that life still provides. On Marah's first heavenly birthday, we felt saddened that we couldn't give her a physical gift, but we felt so strongly that we could still bring her joy. We made a choice that we wouldn't stay home feeling sad in our grief but that we could do something that would make her happy. We found a few opportunities to serve others and felt a feeling of peace and gratitude and even experienced a few miracles! We knew that we had a mission to serve others because of the hope that it brings to others, the healing that it brings to us, and the joy that it brings to our Marah. We are forever grateful to our Heavenly Father for guiding us in our journey and creating such beauty from our darkest ashes.

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