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Join us for the Black Pearl Project and Move in Memory of a Loved One

SRVIVRS families, grief support nonprofit

Empowering all who have lost to serve others in memory of their loved one



SRVIVRS helps those who have experienced loss feel support in their journey of healing by honoring their loved one through service events and opportunities.  We believe everyone that has experienced loss can be a SRVIVR.


We do this by:

Providing a social media platform that allows for inspirational content, opportunities to connect, and promoting service projects in honor of loved ones.

Developing worldwide SRVIVRS communities (Chapters) whose focus is to mentor individuals/communities who want to do a service project in honor of a loved one.

Providing motivational speakers who share a message of developing meaningful connections in a digitally connected era. Topics are for all audiences and focus on empathy and service while looking up from our devices. We don’t want to “lose” any more of our loved ones.

We invite anyone, anywhere, to join us in our motto of "See Good. Do Good. Share Good".

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SRVIVRS nonprofit founders

Our Mission

SRVIVRS is a worldwide community, united by our common belief that service is the action word of love, the universal healing balm, and the tapestry of strong communities as we focus on service events and opportunities in honor of our loved ones.

How Can I Be a Part of SRVIVRS?

SRVIVRS nonprofit social media, grief support

SRVIVRS provides online social media support, content, connections, and service opportunities. 

Please explore and let us know how we can support you!

SRVIVRS nonprofit, service opportunites fiscal sponsor

Would you like to do a service project in honor of your loved one? We can mentor you!


Our speakers will come to speak at schools, businesses, organizations, or churches.  


We share our message of connection, empathy, and service that is invaluable in any group or setting! 


We want to Move in Memory of your loved one!   

Each day of 2022, Josh Nehring and other SRVIVRS will run, swim, walk, bicycle, and other activities to remember anyone's lost loved ones on the anniversary of their passing. Please click on the button below to submit your loved one's name to our calendar.


Come and push yourself to do one more step, one more mile, one more loop, one more hour in memory of your loved one.

How to Help

Your support and contributions will enable us to empower those that have lost to serve others in honor of their loved one.


Your generous donation of time or funds makes our mission to heal souls, share love, and strengthen communities possible.


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SRVIVRS is registered under section

501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a charitable organization. 

Peacock family grief support and service opportunities

"We found so much value and friendship during our time since finding SRVIVRS. We never feel alone in our tragic story anymore. Using the service model of SRVIVRS, we've learned to create to keep our son's memory alive when it would be so easy to just live from the victim mentality. SRVIVRS has help us find a better way forward."


– Dave and Jen Peacock

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