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Young Volunteers

Move in Memory

teenSRVIVRS was created because of the belief that we, as parents, teachers, and administrators can see our youth for the amazing, brilliant individuals they are.  We have hope as we envision the potential they have as our future members of society and the world.  


Sadly, we are also witnessing a decline in mental health, empathy, and a loss of positive, meaningful connections and relationships.  As the world continues to embrace the wonders and necessity of technology in all of its forms, we also need to acknowledge the negative consequences of introducing technology, including the effects of screen addictions on the youth and their developing brains. Along with this challenge, we are beginning to see an increase in social anxiety, teen suicide, and a decrease in even basic conversation, connection, and relationship skills.

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Thanks for your participation in our Move in Memory Initiative! We will be in touch!

Running at the Beach
The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.  

– Mahatma Ghandi
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